Your Mac's display

as an ambient

light source


Simple really.

Your iPhone is the remote control.

Your Macs' display the light source.

Just open the app on your Mac.

The iPhone will instantly recognize

it if they're on the same network.


No need to mess around with IP addresses or port numbers.


RoomColors for your Mac lives in the status bar, and doesn't get in your way.




The application illustrates the practicality of using your iPhone to control the lighting in your home. Ideally you'd have some sort of WI-Fi connected light bulbs. But I'm using the Macs displays as substitutes for light bulbs.


You pick the color to be displayed full screen on your Mac

and adjust the brightness of the display.


What to use it for?

You can use it as a mood light.

Create the mood you want in your room by lighting it with a certain color.


You can use it as a soft box for photography

Shoot your subject under colored light.

With a long exposure, mix colors.